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After the discovery of a strange pollution in a virgin Pyrenean cirque. Reflexions about compassion. Resulting intrusions of aluminum in the compositions.
(600 words)

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means moon landing, with a connotation of bewilderment, and 'alu' is an ordinary abbreviation for aluminium in France.)


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Torii, Cézanne et Carnaval
text from the catalog of the show at
Galerie Expression Libre, with drawings & photos.

7 pages (with a quotation of Y. Tanizaki)
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(Poet and connoisseur Jean-Marc Baillieu introduced the show by a poem dedicated to the Japan culture. "Torii, Cézanne and Carnival" answers this expert reference with a reverie recollecting the strong impact Japan had on my earliest childhood dreams.)

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Giacometti d'Ouest en Est

132 pages illustrated with 14 inks
Editions Pleinemain
isbn : 978-2-9537379-2-9

2 shorts chapters & a drawing
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("Giacometti from West to East"
describes a hike through the Swiss & Italian Alps to his birthplace in the Bregaglia valley. Meditative trek upon creative engagement, with poems & drawings. Firna Dibal was a nickname I recieved when a little child, I picked it up as a pseudonym.)